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Hard Disk Recovery

Professionalism makes comprehensiveness.

The Company has solutions to hard drives of 

various brands, with ultra-high success rate,

and it especially accepts individual cases that 

cannot be recovered by Hong Kong companies. 

For self-developed and manufacturer’s professional 

equipment, what to do when data needs to be 

rescued in the event of an HDD failure?

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Memory card Recovery

As the only service provider of chip-level data 

recovery for memory cards in Macao, the Company 

can solve problems of memory cards with different 

failures and help get back your precious memories. 

The Company has introduced the Russian ACE 

laboratory equipment, which is recognized by the 

industry as the most professional and able to rescue 

your information to the maximum extent.

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USB memory Recovery

The world's most advanced USB flash drive

data recovery equipment and chip-level recovery 

can rescue your important data to the maximum 

extent. There are solutions to prompt of formatting, 

careless deletion, unidentifiable devices and other 

failures, and a large number of past examples can 

be taken as reference.

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SSD Recovery

With the latest SSD recovery equipment, 

the Company has achieved success in 

rescuing a large number of SSD cases, 

and has perfect solutions to and abundant 

experience in SSD data recovery.

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NAS Recovery

As the only company in Macao that can 

independently complete NAS data recovery,

 the Company can cope with different failures 

in NAS of various brands. The Company is 

familiar with various RAID combinations and 

able to develop specific data recovery plans 

exclusively for you.

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