Confidentiality of Data

We promise that data safety of customers is our top priority



The Company will enter into a confidentiality agreement with corporate customers to guarantee confidentiality.

24-hours-a-day video surveillance greatly raises data safety.

Independent space for storing data of the hard drive.

The data will automatically be deleted after being kept for 5 days.

All employees of the Company are bound by the provisions of confidentiality, which ensures that the data will not be accessed by any external party.


The Company will not make any alteration or change to the original hard drive or any storage device, unless because of hardware problem of the original hard drive or any storage device.

The Company has the most advanced professional equipment in the world for detection of equipment with hardware failures, which may effectively prevent worsening of malfunctions.

After careful detection of the storage device, we will produce a detailed inspection report to the customer.

We provide a complete application and service lineup to enable businesses and users to establish contacts in various ways.