Common Failures

● Formatting of file system

● Data loss for unknown reasons

● Data is deleted accidentally

● HDD is identified but there is error in opening HFS or HFS+ disk sector

● Mac OS is reinstalled accidentally

Processing Method

Mac OS is installed on Apple's special HFS or HFS+ file system. Deleting data will clear the node of DATALOG FILE. If data is written to or continues to be used by the computer in the future, only a large section of files without directories and names will usually be found for data recovery, and the data integrity cannot reach 100%.

In case of failure of Mac OS, one copy should be completely copied in the current state at the first time (every bit of the HDD should be completely copied through software, and this operation can only be performed when the device is free of hardware damage), and this step requires a Write Blocker to prevent data from being changed. Furthermore, we should keep the existing state of the HDD as far as possible and shut down the machine directly so as not to overwrite the data stored in the device. The more recorded file areas and original data will be covered, the worse the data will be restored.


Mac OS should recover data when it breaks down. First of all, we should understand the process of breaking down according to the customer's detailed description. If there is no hardware damage to the equipment, we should directly and completely make one copy. If there is hardware damage to the equipment, we need to use professional equipment such as PC-3000 Express and Data Compass, dust-free laboratories, microscopes and visual wave devices to recover the data. These professional equipment and tools can help us accurately check out the specific failure of the HDD without damaging the hard drive. The original data in the HDD can be recovered normally by using the corresponding technologies to solve these problems.

Data recovery engineers of the Company not only have excellent data recovery technology, but have qualifications of Microsoft's MCSE, VMware's VCP, Linux's LPI, and CIFI (Computer Information Forensics Investigator), as well as over two-decade experience in information technology infrastructure. They are familiar with damages in large enterprise IT, such as servers, virtual systems, operating systems, file structure, directory area and data area. Thus, they may formulate corresponding solutions to reorganize the data. Only by combining various experiences can the best effect of data recovery be achieved.

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