Charging standard

Our charging standard:

The price is determined by the difficulty in data recovery and damage degree of hard drives, mobiles, or other storage devices, rather than being determined by the capacity.


Detection fee is MOP 200 (for each storage device). No fee will be charged for detection of mobiles.

Charging standard is as follows:


List of typical malfunctions

Files deleted carelessly

Device prompts formatting (software problems) etc.

Time required for data recovery

Shortest time required: One day


List of typical malfunctions

Logic failures with overlapping problem

Prompt of formatting (due to problems of hardware or firmware)

Bad disk sector, firmware malfunction, malfunction of magnetic head, etc

Time required for data recovery

Shortest time required: One day

Price - High.jpg

List of typical malfunctions

Firmware malfunction, malfunction of magnetic head, or multiple malfunctions, etc

Time required for data recovery

Shortest time required: Two days

Price - Specical Case.jpg

List of typical malfunctions

Server HDD

SAN Storage,NAS,VM


E-mail system; serious scratch of disks

Time required for data recovery

Shortest time required: Two days

General procedures (4-hour ultra-speedy detection)

1. Detection fee will be charged (MOP 200 for each hard drive or other types of storage device. Detection of mobiles may be free of charge) for each storage device detected. The detection fee will not be returned.

2. The price will be quoted after detection.

3. Upon agreement of the price quotation by the customer, the Company will start recovering the data.

4. Upon recovery of the data, the customer may visit the Company for verification of data, or do it via the Internet.

5. If the customer finds that the data recovered is incorrect, no fee will be charged.


** A detailed detection report will be sent to the customer.

** The Company will keep the data for 5 days for the customer. In case of any problem occurring within these 5 days, the data kept may be used for follow-up.

** The Company will enter into a confidentiality agreement with corporate customers to guarantee confidentiality.

** The Company will not make any alteration or change to the original hard drive or any storage device, unless because of hardware problem of the original hard drive or any storage device.

** We have professional equipment for analysis, assessment, and recovery. The customer could completely trust us.


Many people believe that data recovery software in the market may completely solve the problem of loss of precious data. However, the reality is that ordinary recovery software could only solve some tiny problems. In fact, each software calls for specialized training. Unskillful use or careless operation of such software may only result in write-in of data to the original hard drives or other storage devices by the recovery software. As a result, the data may no longer be recovered because they have been overlapped. The largest problem: By themselves customers cannot nail down the place of malfunction in the hard drive or other storage devices. In case of hardware failures, the use of data recovery software is prohibited, for they may further damage the original hard drive or other storage devices, which makes it more difficult to recover and save the precious data.

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