Failure description


      The failures of hard drives, memory cards or other storage devices are typically divided into logic failures, hardware failures and hybrid failures. Different devices and application programs are required to solve these failures. Each kind of failure has a different manifestation and thus requires a different coping method.


Logic failures

Logic failures generally refer to loss of data due to careless operation, formatting according to prompt, or virus infection, without hardware failures of storage device. Logic failures are often represented by failure to start up the file system, loss of magnetic disk sector, loss or damage of data file, data becoming garbled texts, prompt of formatting. In case of data write-in after logic failures, original data on the storage device may be overlapped, which affects the best effect of data recovery. 


Hardware failures

Hardware failures generally refer to failure to read the data normally due to physical damage to the storage device, including malfunction of magnetic head, firmware malfunction, scratch of disk, electric engine malfunction, malfunction of circuit board, firmware malfunction, bad sector. hardware failures are generally represented by failure to recognize storage device, strange noise in storage device, system crash when the data is read. In case of hardware failures, you are suggested not to try a lot of times in the vain hope of solving the problem. 



Hybrid failures

Hybrid failures generally refer to multiple malfunctions in the storage device. In this case, the malfunctions need to be solved one after one in order for data recovery. Some of these malfunctions are caused by secondary damage to the malfunctioned device due to unprofessional handling, which may cause data recovery to be more difficult; others are caused by the fact that a certain type of malfunction may result in another malfunction. For instance, malfunction of magnetic head in hard drive may result in a lot of bad disk sectors. 

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