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Common Failures

●There is a problem with the array on SAN Storage (there is a problem with the array information)

●The HDD on SAN Storage is offline or damaged, causing SAN Storage to break down

●SAN Storage cannot start normally

●Prompt of re-establishing the array, initialization and other dangerous work (after the failure, it prompts re-establishing the array and conducts initialization)

●A folder or file is deleted (data on SAN Storage is deleted accidentally)

Processing Method

The more common SAN Storage brands are HITACHI, EMC, HP, IBM, DELL, NETAPP, etc. Different brands of SAN Storage have their own advantages and mechanisms. Most SAN Storage relies on the redundant space of a large number of hard drives and the dynamic migration of redundant hard drives after failure to realize the data protection of the entire SAN Storage. Since SAN Storage is made up of many hard drives, and the combination method is very complicated, it is not recommended to try or recover on its own when SAN Storage fails, because such operation risks are too high. Moreover, there are much data to be analyzed, and the damage degree of each hard drive is also different, so the difficulty in solving this kind of failure increases accordingly. The original data of each file system has its own rules. We need to conduct a large number of calculations to master how the data is distributed on each hard drive in SAN Storage. Therefore, in order to save the data in SAN Storage, we must not only master the rules of each file system, but also analyze the combination method of all hard drives.


SAN Stroage is made up of multiple hard drives and has various combinations, If the data in an SAN Storage needs to be rescued in case of failure, the first thing to do is to find out whether the SAN Storage failure is a logic failure or a hardware failure, which can be done through customer’s detailed description and detailed detection with professional devices. Commonly used professional devices include PC-3000, Data Compass, PC-3000 Express RAID System, dust-free laboratory, microscope and oscilloscope. These professional devices and tools can help us accurately detect specific SAN Storage failures without damaging the SAN Storage. 將SAN Storage當前的狀態進行備份,再視情況而定進行詳細分析和重組,結合本公司自行研發的相應應用程式進行處理,才能救回整個SAN Storage的資料。整個救援過程涉及多重故障,相對來說是非常複雜的,需要專業的技術和豐富的經驗才能夠解決。

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