Service description

Standard Computer is the only data recovery company in Macao that has the most professional data recovery equipment in the world. It has dust-free studio, which can meet international standards. Engineers of the Company have many years of experience in data recovery. Through professional skills and accumulation of a large number of actual cases of data recovery, we have built a highly-experienced technological team of data recovery, and our expertise is trustworthy. The whole process of data recovery will be carried out within the Company. Customers absolutely do not need to worry about data safety.
Service targets of data recovery include: Families, enterprises, government authorities and institutions, computer companies, etc.
We are specialized in tackling difficult tasks, such as scratch of disk, malfunction of magnetic head, burnt or soaked hard drive, hard drive fallen down to the floor, RAID.
We have specially developed a professional tool of data recovery of our own for storage devices like family-type hard drive (IDE and SATA), corporate hard drive (SCSI, SAS, and FC), memory card, SSD, which have greatly promoted success rate of data recovery.
All employees of the Company are bound by the provisions of confidentiality, which ensures that the data will not be accessed by any external party. The whole process of data recovery will be carried out within the Company. You do not need to be concerned about data safety.


Professional equipment

Standard Computer is technology-oriented and reliable in that your storage device will be detected with a number of specialized equipment in a professional environment.

Professional equipment includes:

●Signal analyzer

●Ultra-precise microscope

●Dust-free space

●Specially developed disk-opening tool

●A number of world-class data recovery instruments


Dust-free space


Ultra-precise microscope


PC-3000 Express


Spider Board Adapter


PC-3000 Flash


PC-3000 Portable


Workbench for special use of hard drive


Data recovery equipment for mobiles


Tools for replacing magnetic head

We provide a complete application and service lineup to enable businesses and users to establish contacts in various ways.