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Common Failures

● Call records, address books, text messages, photos, videos, etc. are deleted accidentally (data are deleted without backup)

● Data is deleted from application programs (WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Skype, QQ, etc.)

● The mobile phone cannot normally enter the operation interface (struck in the boot screen when opening the mobile phone)

● Mobile phone files suddenly can't be opened

● Mobile phone can't start after water damage

● Mobile phone cannot be turned on due to damage by external force

Processing Method

Among the numerous mobile phone failures, it is suggested that in some cases, customers can try to recover data first. That is, the mobile phone cannot be turned on suddenly or cannot be turned on due to damage by external force, etc. Under these cases, users can first seek help from the relevant place of mobile phone maintenance, directly repair the mobile phone without affecting the data of the mobile phone, and then back up the data of the mobile phone. This method is relatively direct and inexpensive. However, before maintenance, users should make sure not to change the storage state of the mobile phone or conduct operations such as rooting the mobile phone, because these operations will affect the data recovery of the mobile phone. After some irreversible operations, the subsequent data recovery can no longer be carried out. If the mobile phone cannot enter the operation interface because of system failure or hardware damage, users should not try at random, because the mobile phone system has been damaged or the mobile phone hardware has failed. Aimless operation will easily cause the mobile phone to be restored, emptying the data in the phone and causing the data to be unrecoverable. However, if data is deleted under the mobile phone operation interface, the best solution is to stop using the mobile phone for the time being and try to keep the state after deleting the data. The mobile phone that has been used will always have new data or files written into the mobile phone to continuously cover the location of the deleted data. As a result, the data that may be saved is overwritten and cannot be restored. In the past, many customers would download the software themselves to try, but they did not understand the coverage principle. Thus, they downloaded and installed it directly on the mobile phone, making it more difficult for subsequent data recovery.


If the data in an mobile Phone needs to be rescued in case of failure, the first thing to do is to tell whether the iPhone can be turned on and enter the operation interface, and whether it is a system failure or a hardware failure. We can judge it according to the detailed description of the customer and the detailed detection of professional equipment. Common professional equipment includes UFED 4PC and UFED Physical Analyzer of Cellebrite, welding station, microscope, multimeter and wave viewer, etc. These professional equipment and tools can help us accurately check out the specific faults of the mobile phone without harming the mobile phone, and even disassemble the mobile phone when necessary to facilitate detailed detection. First, we need to use UFED to completely copy the original data of the mobile phone. According to the different faults, we should formulate corresponding solutions and employ corresponding technologies to solve these faults before we can normally access the storage location of the mobile phone and read the data. Therefore, aimless operation will cause unnecessary damage to the mobile phone and affect the data salvation of the mobile phone.


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