『Windows Phone』Chat Records on Windows Phone Deleted

Release date:2018-08-02 11:17:49
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Customer description and recovery process:

    Because of careless operation, the customer deleted the chat records on Windows mobile phone. There was a lot of work-related data in the chat records. The customer urgently wanted to rescue the chat records on the mobile phone. The customer found the Company on the Internet and knew that the Company is the only professional data salvation company in Macao and had helped the government, companies and groups to recover data. The customer immediately called the Company for consultation. After understanding the detailed process, the customer immediately sent the mobile phone to the Company for inspection. According to the actual situation of the mobile phone, the Company’s engineers made a rescue plan, and finally used the mobile phone recovery equipment to rescue the complete chat records and data of the customer.


    In case of malfunction of mobile and the need for data recovery, you are advised not to try reading the data again by keeping the computer and mobile on, for this may cause further damage to the storage device and reduce the success rate of data salvation. You are advised to immediately send the storage device to professional data recovery companies for data salvation. Further damage to the storage device may cause the data unable to be salved.