Type of Data

Video Recovery

The development of technology makes our 

videos more high-definition and the storage 

of videos more complex. The Company has 

developed corresponding data recovery 

procedures for videos recorded by cameras 

of various brands, so that it is not impossible 

to repair damaged videos as in the past.

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Photo Recovery

We support photo files in different formats of 

various brands of cameras, such as JPG, CR2, 

RAW and NEF. We can help you solve all photo 

loss problems and rescue your important photos.

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Document Recovery

We are specialized in repairing damaged 

documents or circumstances of garbled texts 

due to various reasons, develop corresponding 

application programs for the different structures 

of each type of documents, repair the documents 

and export data, and rescue the information to 

the maximum extent.

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E-mail Recovery

For e-mail failures, there are different solutions 

to different e-mails, and we have also developed 

corresponding application programs to respond 

to circumstances based on past experience and 

cases, including Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus 

Notes, Outlook Express and Microsoft Exchange 


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Database Recovery

The application of database is becoming 

increasingly extensive. In many cases, 

users only know how to apply it but are at 

a loss what to do in case of failures. The 

Company has an explicit understanding 

of database failures, and has developed 

targeted application programs to help you 

rescue important data.

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We provide a complete application and service lineup to enable businesses and users to establish contacts in various ways.