Corporate User Data Recovery

RAID Recovery

The Company has had thorough research on 

and rich practical experience in various types 

of RAID combinations, solved a large number 

of failed RAID in the past, and rescued precious 

information for customers.

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NAS Recovery

As the only company in Macao that can independently 

complete NAS data recovery, the Company can cope 

with different failures in NAS of various brands. The 

Company is familiar with various RAID combinations 

and able to develop specific data recovery plans exclusively 

for you.

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SAN Storage Recovery

The Company has been independently researching 

and developing data recovery procedures for various 

SAN Storage, and has helped some schools, casinos 

and government authorities to rescue their important 


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Server HDD Recovery

The Company has introduced the Russian ACE 

laboratory equipment, which is recognized by the 

industry as the most professional, able to cope 

with the special interface to server HDD, and 

easy to read the raw data from the HDD.

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Surveillance Recovery

The Company supports video surveillance 

equipment of Dahua, Hikvision, Tiandy and 

other brands. It can recover the raw data directly 

extracted from the internal HDD of the equipment 

and effectively protect your data security.

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We provide a complete application and service lineup to enable businesses and users to establish contacts in various ways.