Service Details

Data recovery procedure

The detailed service procedures for data 

recovery developed by the Company will 

meticulously describe the content of each 

procedure and enable you to clearly 

understand the progress of data recovery.

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Service description

Standard Computer is the only data recovery

 company in Macao that has the most professional 

data recovery equipment in the world. The Company 

has dust-free studio, which can meet international 

standards. Engineers of the Company have many 

years of experience in data recovery.

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Failure description

The failures of hard drives, memory cards 

or other storage devices are typically divided 

into logic failures, hardware failures and 

hybrid failures. Different devices and 

application programs are required to 

solve these failures. Each kind of failure 

has a different manifestation and thus 

requires a different coping method.

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Confidentiality of information

Data confidentiality and security are the top 

priority in data recovery. The Company is 

committed to placing customer's data security 

as the core and imposing strict professional 

ethic requirements for every engineer.

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Charging standard

The price is determined by the difficulty in 

data recovery and damage degree of the 

storage device. No success, no charge.

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