『Video Recovery』An Entertainment Production Company of Macao – Manual Repair of Videos

Release date:2018-08-01 15:43:42
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Customer description and recovery process:

    An entertainment production company of Macao has just finished shooting of videos of an outdoor activity. It needed to carry out after-treatment of the videos before delivering them to the host of the activity. However, some careless operations during the treatment caused formatting of the memory card containing the videos, which had not been backed up. The customer immediately sought for help from colleagues of the IT Department. Employees of the IT Department tried to recover the data through software scanning. However, the videos recovered in this way could only be played for a few seconds. Through introduction of a friend, the customer contacted the Company. Upon receipt of memory card of the customer, engineers of the Company first of all duplicated all contents of the memory card, and then analyzed in detail the files duplicated from the memory card through assistance of professional equipment. It was discovered that the formatting caused foundation data of the file directory to be modified, and thus became unable to connect all the videos. This could explain why videos recovered with software scanning could only be played for a few seconds. The engineers formulated an accurate rescue plan for this situation, and successfully rescued the files needed by the customer with manual work of reorganization. It was verified by the customer that the videos were complete and correct and the recovery was successful.


    In case of malfunction of memorycard and the need for data recovery, you are advised not to try reading the data again by keeping the computer and memorycard on, for this may cause further damage to the storage device and reduce the success rate of data salvation. You are advised to immediately send the storage device to professional data recovery companies for data salvation. Further damage to the storage device may cause the data unable to be salved.