Do You Always Think Data Recovery Is Expensive?

Release date:2018-08-17 13:46:52
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    Data recovery, as its name implies, refers to recovering the data in damaged hard drive, memory card, server and other storage media by technical means. Compared with the traditional computer maintenance, the difficulty in data recovery service will be higher, so it is more expensive. What factors lead to the high price?

    First of all, data recovery is a very high-tech industry, which requires data recovery engineers not only to be proficient in assembly language and understand various file systems, but also to have electromechanical maintenance technology and hard drive firmware technology. Engineers need to be proficient in DOS, Windows, Linux, Mac and other file systems and file architectures, as well as in the development and application of data recovery tools using assembly language. When encountering hardware failure of hard drive, engineers also need to have knowledges of electronic circuit and skilled welding technology to solve circuit board failure. There are a lot of high-precision components in the hard drive, so the hard drive disassembly and assembly technology is particularly important. The disassembly and assembly of hard drive are a key process in data recovery. Errors in disassembly and assembly will lead to a series of chain reactions, which makes the data that should have been recovered smoothly unable to be recovered. Therefore, a good data recovery engineer needs many related skills to be able to work in various situations of data recovery, and the cost of training and employing such an engineer is quite expensive.

    Furthermore, a professional data recovery company needs to spend a lot of money purchasing professional data recovery equipment and instruments, setting up a dust-free work laboratory, and building a complete hard drive parts library. With the continuous updating of hard drive, every kind of equipment needs to be constantly upgraded and improved. The Company has been studying various problems of data recovery for a long time, trying various schemes constantly to solve some cases of data recovery that cannot be solved now. The technologies we have today are also the result of long-term continuous research in the past. These technologies will not be taught in ordinary schools at all.

    Overall, there are reasons why data recovery is expensive. Technologies and services of a professional data recovery company can ensure that the data in your hard drive can be rescued to the greatest extent. The Company is far better than those institutions that claim to be able to save data for two or three hundred patacas on the market.

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