How to Choose the Right Data Recovery Company

Release date:2018-09-14 17:09:07
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    When there are problems with hard drives, memory cards and servers, the first thing we think about is data recovery, so how to choose a data recovery company becomes the key to the problems. Choosing an experienced doctor can often achieve twice the result with half the effort. The same is true in data recovery: Choosing a professional data recovery company can not only improve the success rate and data integrity, but also ensure data security.

    The Company is the only data recovery company in Macao with the world's most professional data recovery equipment. It has a dust-free working laboratory, a number of world-class data recovery instruments and a technical team with rich rescue experience. The establishment of the dust-free work laboratory is the most basic requirement for data recovery, because there are a lot of high-precision components in the hard drive, which need to be disassembled and installed in a dust-free environment. When the hard drive is disassembled in a dusty environment, the disk will be contaminated by dust and thus the data cannot be recovered. Of course, different faults need different equipment. Signal analyzer, microscope, dust-free space, hard drive dismantling tools and so on are the most basic tools for every professional data recovery company. Most companies claiming to be able to do data recovery have not the complete equipment. Many people think that the damage of hard drive is nothing more than bad sectors, circuit boards failures and motor failures, but one situation is not well known, that is, the firmware failure of hard drive. Firmware can be regarded as the operating system of hard drive, through which hard drive can correctly find the storage area of data and read and write data. In data recovery, we also need to solve firmware failures to save data. Advanced data recovery equipment can help engineers solve these problems. Of course, engineers also need to have corresponding technologies to solve firmware failures. Experienced engineers can very accurately analyze the fault of hard drive, and find solutions to the problems. They know all the faults of hard drive well and know how to solve the problems, so as to avoid the secondary damage of hard drive caused by mishandling. The Company has also been devoted to the R&D of high-difficulty data recovery for a long time, constantly seeking breakthroughs in the unknown areas of data recovery. Now it has mastered a large number of high-difficulty data recovery technologies, including recovery of hard drive array (RAID), NAS, storage area network (SAN), database, virtual machine, e-mail and other storage media or files.

    Whether for companies or individuals, the most important thing is the confidentiality of data. The Company has operated professional data salvation in Macao for nearly ten years. It has helped many listed companies, government institutions and casinos in Hong Kong and Macao to rescue data. For many years, there has never been any dispute about the leak of customer data. The confidentiality of data is fully guaranteed. The Company may also sign a written confidentiality contract.

    Generally speaking, when you need to recover data, it is necessary to choose a reliable professional data recovery company. Important data can be irretrievable if you make your choice indiscriminately or greedily.

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