Experts Teach You How to Deal with Data Loss

Release date:2018-09-28 14:22:03
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    When your hard drive is broken, your cell phone can't be turned on, or your memory card can't be read, etc., you want to retrieve the data in the malfunctioning device. How to deal with it correctly?

    Among numerous failures, there is only one situation that we suggest you try to recover by yourself, and we suggest you leave the remaining situations to a company specifically engaged in data recovery for processing (we will, in the paragraphs below, explain the reason why you should leave the remaining situations to a data recovery company, rather than try to solve them by yourself). The only one situation is that the storage device does not suffer hardware damage, such as careless deletion of data and no writing of any data, or careless formatting of the storage device, and then you can try to recover data with data recovery software. The commonly used data recovery software includes EasyRecovery, WiseRecovery and Disk Drill, and it is necessary to pay attention to and identify their advantages and disadvantages in use. Of course, before trying it out on your own, there are certain steps you must pay attention to, otherwise, data may not be recovered and your HDD may be further damaged. The first step is to make a complete copy of the HDD according to the current state to another HDD (not the copy and paste through Windows, but completely copy every byte of the HDD through software, which can be done only when the HDD does not suffer hardware damage). This step requires a writing protection device (Write Blocker), so as to prevent change of the data. Then you can use the data recovery software to recover the copied HDD, but the recovered data must not be put back to the original HDD. It is because, in this case, overwriting and recovering will occur simultaneously and the recovered data cannot be opened. So keep in mind the above steps. For anything you don’t understand, please feel free to contact us for details at any time, and we are willing to answer questions for each customer. But sometimes the data recovery software cannot solve all problems, and in most cases, you have to rely on data recovery engineers for analysis. For example, why the rescued data does not have directory or file name or not a byte of data can be rescued. At this point, you don't have to give up and you can contact us. We will try to rescue your important data.

    In the case of storage device failure, there is a very common error called prompt of formatting, which is the intuitive manifestation of several different faults, including logic failures, bad sector, firmware fault and even magnetic head fault. Therefore, in view of this kind of error, we suggest to turn to the data recovery company directly, because the data recovery software can be tried to save data only for logic failures, and other faults belong to hardware problems, which may be solved by using professional equipment.

    According to our statistics, the failures of storage devices are basically hardware problems. The common manifestations are that the device cannot be identified, there is noise, the circuit board is burned out and so on. Professional equipment is needed to recover these hardware failures, and we must not try to take forced reading or other operations. Previously, many customers made such mistakes, such as reading devices many times or reading devices for a long time, which led to further deterioration of device failure. For example, some customers' hard drive faults can be easily solved by engineers only by using the equipment, and all the data can be saved. However, after the hard drive is damaged, the customers do not know how to deal with it correctly and read the damaged hard drive for a long time, resulting in scratches on the disk with data inside the hard drive. With today's technology level, it is possible to recover some data for disk scratches, but the price of data recovery varies greatly between scratches and non-scratches.

    Generally speaking, when the device fails, we should know how to deal with it correctly to ensure that the data can be completely recovered.

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