Operating System


We are familiar with the detailed file structure 

of Windows system, understand the description 

and significance of each part, have a large 

number of examples and rich experience in 

Windows failures, and can help you better 

rescue the lost data.

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Mac OS

With an explicit understanding of the Mac OS 

operating system, the Company is able to 

accurately analyze the cause for failures, 

provide the most perfect solutions, and 

protect your data security.

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The Company offers recovery services for 

Ext3, Ext4, Swap, Reiserfs and Xfs. It has 

specifically developed corresponding data 

recovery application programs for the Linux 

system, conducive to rescuing lost data.

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The Company is specialized in repairing 

VMware ESXi errors due to various reasons. 

It has developed corresponding application 

programs for the virtual machine operating 

system, to repair the virtual machine, export 

data and rescue data to the maximum extent.

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Microsoft Hyper-V

The Company is specialized in repairing 

Microsoft Hyper-V errors due to various 

reasons. It has developed corresponding 

application programs for the virtual machine 

operating system, to repair the virtual 

machine, export data and rescue data to 

the maximum extent.

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