『Server Harddisk』A University in Macao – Malfunction of Server

Release date:2018-07-03 17:57:48
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Customer description and recovery process:

    In case of damage of the server there is no sure guarantee for salvation of important data! The customer said that the sever worked normally in the past. However, recently it occasionally ran into some little problems. However, as it could be used again after being restarted, no more attention was paid to it. Yesterday, a faculty member of the university wanting to use the data discovered that the latest materials in a certain document binder in the server disappeared, and only previous data existed. As the documents lost were of utmost importance, the university could not function properly without them. The customer sought help from the After-sales Department of server producer, yet the producer was unable to help them recover the data. The customer was then informed by the producer that a professional data recovery company was to be engaged in this case to recover the data. The customer was introduced to seek for help from the Company by the producer. Employees of the Computer Department of the university immediately contacted us through Internet inquiry. They were told that we had handled a number of cases of government authorities and large-sized gambling companies as a professional data recovery company. They were assured that they did not need to worry about confidentiality and data safety. Finally, they decided to use data recovery service offered by the Company. Engineers immediately arranged for inspection after the server was sent to the Company. The rescue plan was soon nailed down after the malfunction was ascertained. The customer's data was successfully saved. It was verified by the customer that the data was complete and the recovery was 100% successful.


    In case of malfunction of storage device and the need for data recovery, you are advised not to try reading the data again by keeping the computer and hard drive on, for this may cause further damage to the storage device and reduce the success rate of data salvation. You are advised to immediately send the storage device to professional data recovery companies for data salvation. Further damage to the storage device may cause the data unable to be salved.