『Recovery of Surveillance Video』Macao Government – Successful Recovery of Surveillance Video

Release date:2018-04-16 09:38:35
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Customer description:

    One day, the customer discovered that surveillance device of the company could not function properly. He/she took out the hard drive for backup, and then found that surveillance videos within the hard drive could not be read.

Inspection results:

  1.      There was no hardware failure in the hard drive.

  2.      The surveillance videos were completely deleted due to misoperation.

  3.      After the original videos were deleted, new videos were written into the hard drive.

Recovery process:

  1.      Analyzed the overlapping status of hard drive data.

  2.      Preferentially recovered surveillance videos not being overlapped.

  3.      Analyzed the messy surveillance videos.

  4.      Wrote programs to reorganize and array the messy surveillance videos according to time sequence.