『Harddisk』The Company Succeeded in Rescuing the Information by Using Exclusive Technology When It's No Use Searching All over Hong Kong for Help

Release date:2018-04-16 09:37:38
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Customer description:

The hard drive fell to the ground when it was in use, and data recovery has been done.

Inspection results:

  1. The disk was damaged and scratched.

  2. The magnetic head was damaged and there was a noise.

  3. The hard drive had been dismantled for data recovery.

Recovery process:

 1.      Disk and head were damaged, so they should be treated in a dust-free room.

 2.      Analyzed and collected undamaged disk sectors.

 3.      Because the disk was scratched and dismantled, recovery was extremely difficult, but we had the exclusive technology to save important data for our customer   once again.