『SSD』A Well-known Watch Store -- Chip Fault in SSD

Release date:2018-07-31 11:49:35
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Customer description and recovery process:

    The customer said that it suddenly failed to turn on the computer, and then it took out the hard drive and connected it to another computer. It found that the drive number could be identified, but the display of hard drive capacity was incorrect. The customer said that all data in the hard drive was company documents that were very important and urgent to be used. Later, the customer sent the hard drive to a computer maintenance company in Macao for data recovery, but was told that it could not recover the data and the hard drive needed to be sent to Hong Kong for data recovery, which would cost more than one week. The customer, through introduction of a friend, knew that the Company is the only professional data salvation company in Macao and had helped the government, companies and groups to recover data. The customer immediately called the Company for consultation. After receiving the SSD from customer, the Company's technologists immediately arranged for inspection. The preliminary inspection results showed that the main control chip of the hard drive malfunctioned, resulting in the customer’s failure to read the data normally. After communicating with the customer, the customer agreed to dismantle the hard drive for recovery, and requested the Company to restore the data as soon as possible. The Company's technologists took out several storage chips from the hard drive, read and analyzed the chips by professional equipment, got the algorithm of the main control chips in the hard drive, successfully identified all storage chips and exported all data, and finally successfully restored all the data required by the customer. It only took three days from the signing of the contract to the customer’s verification of complete data recovery, which won the valuable time for customer.


    In case of malfunction of SSD and the need for data recovery, you are advised not to try reading the data again by keeping the computer and SSD on, for this may cause further damage to the storage device and reduce the success rate of data salvation. You are advised to immediately send the storage device to professional data recovery companies for data salvation. Further damage to the storage device may cause the data unable to be salved.