『VMware ESXi』A Large Communication Company in Macao – Repair of Virtual Machine

Release date:2018-08-03 17:54:31
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Customer description and recovery process:

    Salaries were about to be paid, and payroll sheet needed to be restored as soon as possible! Thanks to the trust of the customer, we restored the data before the payment of salaries, so that the company could pay salaries and check accounts normally. The company's financial department used VMware ESxi virtual machine. In routine work, data was stored in the virtual machine. One day, the customer found that the virtual machine could not be turned on properly. IT colleagues helped to check and found that VMDK files could not be normally loaded. After the introduction of a friend, the customer knew that the Company is a professional data recovery company and the only one in Macao to carry out data recovery, and we had dealt with many cases of government authorities and large casinos. There is no need to worry about confidentiality, so the customer finally chose the Company's data recovery service. Because the customer company was about to pay salaries after restoring the data, the Company carried out a detailed inspection at the first time after receiving the hard drive and found that the improper loading was caused mainly by the VMDK file damage in virtual machine. It was necessary to repair the files to restore the data. Engineers of the Company independently compiled the application program for this failure. In one day, the VMDK files had been perfectly repaired and the customer data had been completely restored.


  In case of malfunction of hard drive and the need for data recovery, you are advised not to try reading the data again by keeping the computer and hard drive on, for this may cause further damage to the storage device and reduce the success rate of data salvation. You are advised to immediately send the storage device to professional data recovery companies for data salvation. Further damage to the storage device may cause the data unable to be salved.